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School of Foreign Languages of Tongji University and Yan’an Luyi Cultural Park held seminar on international communication cooperation


On July 30th, Liu Shuyan, Director of the Office of Liberal Arts of Tongji University, Tan Xiaoyun, Secretary of the Committee of the School of Foreign Languages, Tongji University of the Communist Party of China, and Wu Yun, Dean of the SFL, visited Yan’an Luyi Cultural Park and held a cooperation seminar at the Yan’an Literary and Art Memorial Hall on how to do a good job in the international communication of red culture based on Luyi (Luxun Academy of Fine Art, LAFA) Literary Arts. The meeting was chaired by Liu Ni, head of Yan’an Luyi Cultural Park. Based on the spirit of General Secretary Xi’s important speech on strengthening and improving international communication, Tongji SFL and Yan’an Luyi Cultural Park have conducted in-depth discussions on how to further improve the multilingual communication of Luyi’s stories and the international communication of red culture. This seminar reached an agreement on ways to develop mutually beneficial cooperation between the two sides, emphasizing the need to continuously explore the historical and contemporary values of red literature and art, using multi-modality as a medium and language as a bridge, to tell the stories of Yan’an, the history of the Party and China in an artistic way.