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SFL Won Prizes in 2021 Tongji University Teaching Achievement Award


The winner list of the 2021 Tongji University Teaching Achievement Award was recently announced. School of Foreign Languages won 3 awards for teaching achievements, including 1 grand prize and 2 second prizes.




Integration,   Multi-dimension and Coordinationinnovative practice of “foreign language +” talent cultivation   in international communication

Wu Yun, Lv   Peiming, Zheng Chunrong, Huang Lihe, Guo Yadong, Dong Xiu, Shen Qi, Chen Lin,   Guo Yiwei, Zhang Delu

Grand Prize

Exploration   of Undergraduate Teaching Reform for German Majors through the Organic Integration   of General Education and Professional Education

Chen Yu, Huang   Chongling, Chen Chen, Zhang Keyun, Chen Hui, Pang Wenwei

Second Prize

Public French Textbooks Compilation Oriented by “French   Proficiency+ International Competence + Ideological and Political Education”

Qu Chen,   Yao Lan, Zhu Zhenyun,Wang Liyun, Hu Yue

Second Prize

Held every two years, the university-level teaching achievement award aims to “promote construction and reform by evaluation”, comprehensively sum up the experience and achievements of school teaching construction and reform in recent years, leverage the leading and inspiring role of the teaching achievement award in teaching practice, reform and research, and further improve the teaching quality and talent cultivation quality of higher education. The 2021 Tongji University Teaching Achievement Award granted 30 special prizes, 35 first prizes and 39 second prizes.